About Me

Like most people, I am reticent to write about myself.  I have taught for thirty years in three different settings. I started in the Cleveland City Schools, teaching over 200 students a day. Later, I moved to suburban schools in Cleveland and later, after moving to Central Ohio, I found a home in the Worthington City Schools.

I have always been a writer. I remember I was upset Beth didn’t have a happily ever after in Little Women so I wrote one on the last page. I have been a vocalist, a first lady of Cleveland, a mother, an author, and a teacher.  I have won awards as a vocalist, an author, and a teacher. I’m most proud of being a mother and soon a grandmother. My first book The Rabbit Trap was five years in the making. It started with my dog Bridget finding a baby rabbit in my garden. I’m proud of the story. I am not proud of the writing.  I paid an editor and expected that person to do a good job. That person did not. She belonged to a self-publishing company and was expensive. But, naively I did not review her, my work. I was so excited to have my work out there. I’ve learned a lot since then.

I love writing about women.  Women are complex. I want my characters to be women seeking their equilibrium. Just like we all are.  I’m hoping you learn from this blog and my characters.