Remembering. To You a Nobody…You are Wrong…I’m a Somebody

Be comfortable in your own skin, no one can make you feel less than you are but you.

I had an opportunity to practice all that I have been writing about lately. I have had this experience before, but this time, I didn’t experience the same emotions.  In the past married to a prominent politician, I have had nasty comments made to me or treated like a nobody.  It really played havoc with my ego. At a recent social event I approached a person who I had met before to let her know I really enjoyed watching her when she substituted for a well-known anchor. I was waiting to let her know this when she said to someone else, “You know I have not completed my steps today according to my Fitbit. I need to walk.  How about you?” With that, she and her friend walked away from me.

Was I embarrassed? Of course. Am I embarrassed to write this?  Yes. Did she know I was standing there? Yes. But it’s okay.

Treatment of people goes like this on a daily basis. I have seen teens stand and wait to be served in restaurants, people at counters ignored in stores because of the decision or issues of the person who was supposed to take care of them. You’ve seen situations like this, I’m sure. I was once asked by a wife of a famous musician how I felt when I was treated as if I was made of cellophane.

In my introduction, I wrote I was going to practice the research I was doing myself. And I did.I think it is because I have been reviewing all the positive writers and reflecting all the positive changes in my life since my ankle surgery,  I decided this time, I’d write about it, and not let it undermine me.

I also reflected about this type of experience in my book-in-process After the Tears Dry.  Something like this happens to my character Marcie.  I guess you will have to read it. It is now on a new post. I hope you read it and then let me know what you think.

Sunshine to you!