Feel good and Work out with Denise




I’ve decided it is harder to work out with a teacher who is twenty plus and can’t relate to stiffness that goes with a bit of age. I find myself as the young woman is moving from one position to the next, or jumping a bit higher than I can at this point – well – annoying. I think I used to be able to do all that. I yardstick myself with her, and I know that I shouldn’t but I do.  I concentrate at my image in the mirror instead of my form.

Denise Austin was been my go to work out person for years.  I am going to date myself when I say I used to videotape her show and then come home and work out. It’s easier now that she’s on youtube.com. You choose what workout you need or set up a schedule for different exercises or body parts. I tried classes with other folks. It works great during the summer, but as soon as school starts, I couldn’t stay on their schedules. I would revert back to doing my own things with Denise Austin. Born in 1957, I like that she isn’t 18. or 21. or 30.

She’s on Facebook so she may feel to you like a friend…whatever you need. She’s on Twitter (of course she is). She has several levels to try. She has been in the business of diet and training for 30 years. I find her reassuring comments of “Do what you can.” especially now since I am getting to work out again after having to heal for four months. Has it only been four months?  It seems like many more.

Her website is really nice and informative. https://www.deniseaustin.com/  She also gives menus and also hints. Or again you can look her up on youtube.com to try her advise and workouts.

Let me know how you do!