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Welcome to How Women Can Excel, a home where women can share what they have learned to assist others to avoid the same mistakes, support each other, and find peace in the choices they’ve made. I’m Sandra K-Horn. I have reinvented myself many times. I was definitely a girl who followed the rules, tried to please everyone, and was so confused as to why the results did not follow the path to happily ever after.

I’m the teacher/author/nice person behind

This website represents the third chapter of my life. The first was performer/wife; the second, mother/teacher/wife; and the third very well may be author/wife/grandmother. Of course, the chapters are not so distinctly different. Each has built on the other, and has residuals learning that has occurred. In this difficult period of our history, I’m trying to answer how we can excel and feel satisfied within ourselves as women without feeling that we have to follow set rules and be at peace as we succeed in the chosen aspects of our lives. I will look into women of the past and present in all parts of our society as to how they succeeded, examine the possible methods they used to reach goals and what we can learn from them. Maybe we can find out the commonalities and try to apply it to our twenty-first century lives.

I’m not just going to write about things. I intend to try out the concepts myself as I manage my life and all the changes that occur on a daily basis. I want to be the best at writing, teaching, and excel right with everyone else. The result will be one-part storytelling, one-part research, one-part administrator, and very much all around peaceful, happy individual.

I don’t have all the answers. I am seeking them along with you. I’ll share what I learn through my characters and in this blog. Click blog in the menu above. If you would like updates, then enter your email below.

Wishing you SunShine!


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