Jon Gordon for a dose of positive

My dad used to tease me that if I wanted to learn how to do something, I would find it in a book. Now I guess more people google it or use youtube.  But me, I still look to books. Jon Gordon has become a go to author for me.  We have “talked” about negativity, and how so much surrounds us now. It seems as if negativity draws people so much more than being positive.

Sometimes we all need to have a good stiff dose of positivity, Gordon does this.  For me, his 7-step plan is on my computer. The No Complaining Rule helps me. I have it on my iPad.  Download for free his 7-step plan. If you like it, come back here and check out The No Complaining Rule.  If you are in a leadership position, his Power of Positive Leadership, is worth the read.

I love some of his sayings.
”Energy vampires don’t like the light. So keep smiling and shining.” Silly? Try it.